Art Deatho

Over the summer, we were contacted by an artist with an intriguing proposition. She wanted us to construct a plot for an art gallery opening in London. There were to be just six participants in the actual murder mystery, mainly because the total number of guests at the opening couldn’t be confirmed in advance.


The guests were an intriguing bunch, a variety of nationalities, and all involved in the world of art in some way. The host(ess!) provided us with a floor plan of the gallery itself, as well as shots of some of the art and sculptures that would be there on the night, so we were able to build the plot not just around the people but to fit in with the surroundings.


The plot was constructed so that the artwork actually became clues or pieces of evidence and the group moved from one piece to another, acting out scenes as they went along.


“Art Deatho was great … It worked really well within the context of an art gallery … ”




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