Happy New Year

January has rolled around yet again and another new year has begun. What will 2013 bring? If we knew that, life would be very unsurprising.

We had a great 2012 with lots of interesting plots and lovely clients. The highlight of our year was a booking for sixteen, a Sweet Sixteen birthday party for a young lady in Tennessee. We hadn’t written a plot for a Transatlantic group before and to say that it was a learning curve would be an understatement. Everything I knew about American high school students came from watching The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the early 80s. Probably not much help these days. We put together the fantastic information the hostess had given us about the birthday girl and her teenage friends, with everything we could find on the net about their school and home town. We were absolutely delighted with the reaction though. The feedback we received from the hostess was the most glowing we had ever had!

So we look forward to the coming year with great excitement. If you haven’t tried a personalised murder mystery before, give it a go. If you know someone who’s planning an event but hasn’t come up with anything fun to do yet, suggest this to them.


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Decent Exposure

Write Me A Murder are looking forward to getting our name out there more in 2012. It’s off to a good start. It looks as if the magazine article we were interviewed for nearly a year ago will finally be going into print in the next couple of months. We have to admit that our initial excitement in the aftermath of the interview (and photo shoot!) waned somewhat when we realised that it wasn’t going to appear in the first couple of issues after the interview. We exchanged emails with both the journalist and the editor of the magazine and initially it wasn’t looking too hopeful. Understandably, space is at a premium in these publications but, fingers crossed, by March it should be in print. Keep an eye on Sussex Life!
On another note, we’ve been social networking like demons. Business and SEO advice these days is that social networking sites are a must so we have been tweeting and Facebooking rather a lot in the last week or so. We can’t deny that it seems to be working! We’re following lots of new and interesting people and groups, and they’re following us back. Best of all, a local writers’ group has, as a result of our Twitter page and this very website, asked us to run a murder mystery writing workshop for their group sometimes this year. All very exciting.

As far as “standard” advertising is concerned, until now we’ve relied on regular adverts on various free listings sites (Vivastreet, Gumtree etc) but to be honest, we really don’t see much of a result from them although we’ll keep them up for now. Our Google hits are rocketing though, especially since the relaunch of the website in January.

All in all, 2012 is looking busy, fun and dead exciting!



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2012 – here we come!

We’re busy writing new murder mysteries for 2013, including some off-the-peg options which will be available through the Write Me A Murder website in the next couple of months. Of course, we continue to offer customised, personalised plots but having received a few enquiries about instant downloads, we are happy to bow to consumer demand!



Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page.


We hope you’re all having a great start to 2012.


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