Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully before confirming and paying for your murder mystery booking.

1. Confidentiality. All information provided to Write Me A Murder will be kept strictly confidential and used only for the purposes of customising the plot to a group.

2. Timescales. We require nine weeks’ notice of a murder mystery booking in order for the advertised prices to be applicable. If you can only give us six weeks’ notice, a further charge will apply. We cannot accept bookings with less than six weeks’ notice and at particularly busy times for our business, we are unable to accept any booking with less than nine weeks’ notice. Please note that the three weeks covering¬†Christmas and New Year each year are not included in these calculations as we do not work over those three weeks. The nine weeks is calculated from the date of payment so we recommend you contact us at least ten weeks in advance of your proposed party.

3. Payment. Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking. We do not operate a deposit system.

4. Amendments. Minor amendments to the plot and the paperwork can be made up to four weeks before the date of the booking. Any major alterations (including rewrites due to a reduction in the number of guests originally booked) will incur a charge to reflect the extra work involved (charges vary). From four weeks before the date of the booking, no changes can be made.

5. Cancellation. After a booking is confirmed and paid for, you have five days in which to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. After that, a cancellation fee of 75% of the original price applies. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the date of the event, we reserve the right to retain 100% of the fee. A cancellation fee of 50% applies to any booking which is made with six weeks’ notice or less as much of the work will already have been completed within the first week of the booking being made.

6. Copyright. All documents sent by email and by post are subject to international copyright laws and are the property of Write Me A Murder. No works may be used, copied, reproduced or manipulated as part of a derivative work without written permission. All rights reserved.

7. Testimonials. Write Me A Murder reserves the right to use any, all or some of customers’ comments and photos on its testimonials page.