Moonshine & Murder


Our second live production of 2011 took place on Saturday, 27th August, at The Garden Café, fast becoming our regular live show haunt. It was the height of summer so what better than to do a rather dark, film noir style plot.

Based in the 1920s, Moonshine and Murder saw poor old Amir Trifle found dead in his illegal moonshine bar, in the middle of that famous period of British history – prohibition!! Some poetic licence has to be allowed for with these things! His wife (or rather, his widow), Sherry, ably played by Ann, was duly distraught and was relieved that the local police officer, Inspector Philippa Closely, and private detective, Ann Zupp, were on hand to lead the investigations into his death.

The guests had thrown themselves into the theme of the evening with gusto and came in some fantastic 1920s outfits. One birthday party group came entirely decked out as flapper girls and they joined in enthusiastically with the spirit of the evening.

Various clues, written, audio and physical were revealed, along with a multitude of red herrings. By the end of the evening, the budding detectives had everything they needed to solve the terrible crime. Well, some of them did! One of them even got it completely correct and won the Ace Detective Award for the evening.

As always, the three-course meal provided by Natalie and Juliet, and the staff at The Garden Café, was delicious and the evening was a roaring success.

Thanks to the staff, the cast and, most importantly, the guests for making it such a great evening.

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