Hints and Tips

Some Hints from the Experts


We supply everything you need to host your murder mystery event. Even if you’ve never attended a murder mystery event before, you will find it simple to host your event. We will even provide costume suggestions, name tags, menu ideas, winners’ certificates and, naturally, full game rules, clues and character information. However, there are of course a few things you can do to enhance the evening:


      • Plan your murder mystery in good time – we need at least  nine weeks to prepare your plot. We design and email your invitations to you around three weeks before the event, giving you plenty of time to post/email the invitations to your guests and for them to organise their costumes. The rest of the paperwork comes to you by email and post around ten days before the event.


      • The venue can really add character to your murder mystery party. Giving us information about the venue or just the local area means that we can incorporate more personalised and relevant information into the plot. We can even write the whole plot around a specific venue.


      • Allow time on the evening to set up before your guests are due to arrive – you may have chosen to set up  a crime scene, and you just need to make sure you have your Running Order and all the written clues ready to hand out at the relevant moment. Full instructions are in the Host’s Guide.


      • Some props might be useful, but we’ll let you know in plenty of time if you need anything special.


      • Encourage your guests to come in character and really throw themselves into it. Costume suggestions are provided in the invitations.


      • Your guests are central to the success of the party – the more we know about them, the more personalised the characters and the plot will be.


      • Do make sure your guests understand they need to arrive at the venue in good time – there’s nothing worse than a guest bowling up late, or not turning up at all after a role has been written for them. Should someone pull out at the last minute, please contact us and we’ll try to help you out.


Most importantly – enjoy the evening!