How Does It Work?



We can write a plot for any party of six people or more – the sky’s the limit.


At the beginning of the evening, the group finds out that a dastardly deed has been committed and it’s then up to the whole group to deduce who the guilty party is. You have to work together to ensure all the relevant information comes out, but at the same time each individual player is trying to reach the correct solution alone! Corporate murder mysteries encourage team building and co-operation.

Clues, double-crosses and red herrings add to the cerebral challenge.

Guests are notified of their character name, occupation and suggested outfit before the event – it’s great when everyone arrives in costume and remains in character throughout. It will soon become clear that participants may not be all they seem!  Keep your eyes and ears open and by the end of the evening you will have all the information you need to work out whodunnit!

Everything you need for the evening is emailed to the host to print out at home, including full instructions to enable the event to run smoothly –  a Host’s Advance Guide, a Host’s Running Order for use during the event, invitations to send out in advance, name tags, dinner place markers, individual character booklets for each guest and award certificates for the end of the evening. In addition, some printed clues and the solution are provided by post.

If you’re holding your party over dinner, we can also provide menu suggestions which will go well with the theme of the party.

Best of all, your murder mystery will be personalised to your guests. Each character is written specifically for the guest involved – that’s why, on our application form, we ask for a few brief details of each guest (gender, age, occupation, interests).

As the host, you can take part in the fun in the same way as everyone else, because the solution isn’t revealed until the end of the evening.  All you need to do is invite the guests, get your own character ready, stage the (optional) crime scene, lay on some refreshments, and you’re ready to go!

Just bear in mind that a murder mystery party takes around 2.5-3 hours to complete as there are various stages to be worked through. These things can’t be rushed.

Detective work takes time!

Please be aware that your customised plot takes nine weeks to prepare, so make sure you contact us in plenty of time. In certain circumstances, we can write one in six weeks, but this will incur an extra charge.


See the What do I do now? and Prices pages for more details.


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