Plotting and Planning

Having recovered from the excitement of our recent live production, Write Me A Murder is hard at work constructing personalised plots for three separate groups for parties coming up in June and July.


The best thing about these bookings is the fun we have fitting characters and plotlines to the individuals involved. We ask for some basic personal information about each guest on our Booking Form and then use that information to create the characters and storylines. Some groups provide more information than others, but we always find that there is plenty to work with.


Interesting and amusing plot titles are always entertaining to work on too. Unless the host has specified a title for the plot, we generally create a title, preferably some kind of pun, that has relevance to the group, the venue or the theme. For example, last year a group of ladies wanted a celebrity-themed plot for a hen night – we called it “That’s Hen-tertainment!” and we were rather proud of that. For a horseracing themed plot, “It’s a Dead Heat”.


The more plots we construct, the more we spot ways of tweaking them to make them even better and more entertaining for the guests. It’s an ever-evolving process and one which we really enjoy.


We’re looking forward to providing more groups than ever with customised murder mystery plots in 2011.



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