Southfork Slaying

In early 2011, we were delighted to be contacted by a group for whom we had customised a plot in 2010. They wanted us to construct another plot for them to take place during a holiday in Croatia. The setting sounded lovely (Motovun), but the theme they requested was music to our ears – Dallas (the TV show, not the state itself!)

I had seen my fair share of episodes of the show the first time round, but Cathy had sensibly managed to avoid the goings-on of the Ewing’s somewhat dysfunctional family. As a result, I reacquainted myself with the big hair and the even bigger shoulder pads, and Cathy got to discover them for the first time. Sometimes, the research is almost as much fun as writing the plot itself!

Late June arrived and the group headed off for their holiday, with everything they needed (including stetsons!) to enjoy the “Southfork Slaying” plot.

The victim was the unfortunate Jenna Wade, and the suspects in the crime were JR, Bobby, Ray, Jock, Cliff Barnes, Sue Ellen, Pam, Val, Lucy and that sweet matriarch Miss Ellie. Given the in-fighting that went on between them all in the show, let’s face it, any of them could have been capable of  bumping off someone who got in their way.

Upon their return, we received a lovely email from the host to say that they’d had a great time – as you can see below!

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