Walmart Whodunnit

Our first trans-Atlantic plot was written for a group of Walmart employees in Canada. It was an unusual premise in that the party itself was going to have perhaps fifty guests, but the host wanted only a small number to know that a murder mystery was to be involved. About half a dozen of the guests were given some information in advance and, just for once, the victim was actually to be someone at the party. The poor guy was to know nothing of his fate until it was announced that his body had been found! At that point, the guests in the know were to start revealing the various clues we had provided but all fifty guests were encouraged to take part by playing detective.


It was an interesting plot to construct because it didn’t follow our normal format. That made it challenging but certainly made us think harder!


We’d love to know how it went so if you’re the host, or one of the guests, do please drop us an email to let us know!



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